When it comes to serving my sellers real estate goals, my top priority's are maximum exposure, maintain communication with my seller, and get a buyer to make an offer. There are six factors that affect the sale of your home:

1. Price

2. Location

3. Condition

4. Terms

5. Outside influences

I want to get a conversation going. We can't sell your home or land if we don't talk with somebody. Once we get an offer, you as the seller have three options:

1. Accept the offer.

   2. Counter the offer.

3. Ignore the offer.

This is where we start negotiating and try to come to an agreement.

Everything CAN be negotiable. 

If I am afforded the honor of selling your home, I will communicate with you at least once a week to discuss the status of your sale, what kind of activity are we getting, feedback on any showings we have had, and if you would like to make any changes. When I list your home or vacant land, it will be listed not only with photo's, but videos as well. 

Foxfire Realty is the largest independently owned real estate brokerage in northeast central Florida. If you want your home or vacant land sold, this is where you need to be. ​​​​​Please call or email me with any questions you may have and I will be happy to go forward with you. As you can probably see, I am very pro-active in what I do.  

I have been advised through various training sessions, that only about ten percent of licensed realtors actually do it full time. I am at the top end of that ten percent.